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Production World is providing creative and production services for the Alzheimer’s Face Off event, April 11 to 13, which includes a luncheon, the draft and the tournament. The Alzheimer’s Face Off tournament, which raised $1 million in Edmonton last year to support the Alberta Alzheimer Research Program, offers the hockey experience of a lifetime. Taking place April [...]

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VIDEO MAPPING – The Genius of Marty Berg

Marty Berg, Production World’s Media Architect, has been applying his video mapping skills, which has led to an expanding scope of services Production World provides. Video mapping is essentially that: mapping video to screens, shapes, walls — anything with a surface. The value video mapping brings to any live event is that a blank set [...]

Recruiting Talent For Your Live Event

It is always challenging for non-profit organizations to recruit the talent it needs for a special event, especially when it comes to event hosts as well as actors, musicians and others who may be required to enhance the scope and entertainment value of an event. Generally speaking, unless the talent (usually the host) is sponsored [...]